Buzzword Bingo Design

I used a DDD aproach for designing and implementing the core logic.

Game Rules

Mark the buzzwords as you hear them. You win on any row across, down, or diagonal. A bingo card contains five by five buzzwords.

User Stories

Organize Event

  1. On the Buzzword Bingo Homepage click „Organize Event“.
  2. Complete event with Speaker, Date, Duration, Participants email.
  3. Select a buzzword set; optionally add your own buzzwords.
  4. Click on „Send Invitation“, Buzzword Bingo is creating emails containing the event URL.

Play Bingo

  1. Click the event URL in the email.
  2. Buzzword Bingo presents a card if the current time is within the event date and duration.
  3. Each buzzword is marked on the server when you click on it.
  4. When a participant completes a row of five words, all participants will be notified and the game is over. The bingo card will be disabled.
If the game is started outside the event duration then the server will respond with a „sorry“ message.

Service Layering


Interface Definition


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